Record Store Day 2023 item (Limited Edition)

Recorded live on March 6th, 1978 at the Palais des Congrès in Paris… This famous concert… Never released on vinyl (nor in its normal speed) presents the line-up composed of Edgar Froese, Christopher Franke, Steve Jolliffe & Klaus Krüger. 
This triple vinyl (half/half effect) is released in a Deluxe boxset with covers, innersleeves and text by the official biographer of the band: Wouter Bessels.


Tracklist record A
0101 | Paris Set One - Part One

Tracklist record B
0201 | Paris Set One - Part Two

Tracklist record C
0301 | Paris Set Two - Part One

Tracklist record D
0402 | Paris Set Two - Part Two

Tracklist record E
0501 | Paris Encore One

Tracklist record F
0601 | Paris Encore Two



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StatusLive Album
Recording dateMarch 6, 1978
Release dateApril 17, 2023
StatusLive Recording
Released byCulture Factory
ColorHalf/Half Effect


01.Paris Set One - Part One
02.Paris Set One - Part Two
03.Paris Set Two - Part One
04.Paris Set Two - Part Two
05.Paris Encore One
06.Paris Encore Two
Depending upon the medium, the indicated tracklist will vary in certain details.